Private Proxies: protect your privacy on Internet

Private proxies are one of the best ways to have access to safe internet surfing. In the present times, the internet due to its high popularity and widespread usage has also become a center of evil practices. If you are using the internet, your security is the first thing that should be the center of the priority.

Due to their ease of access and quality services, Private proxies have become the choice of every internet user now a days. They are easily available either free or for some very nominal prices. When it comes to security, Private Proxies take the lead by securing your IP address from the hackers and other malpractices.


What are Private Proxies?


In the simple computer language, a Proxy Server can be called as a server which acts as an intermediary for several requests that can be a threat to your IP address. Every computer has an IP address which is unique to the system. Whenever someone goes online, the IP address gets reflected. The Proxy Server acts as an intermediary between the receiver source and your IP thus blocking the access to the IP Address. In this way you are saved from several hackers and other necessary online traffic that can slow down your speed too.


Why are Private Proxies being used?


The advantages are numerous which have today made the Private Proxies widely popular globally. When you go online, your information is always threatened from the activities of unwanted users. While on a public connection, the people accessing the same network would have access to your browsing data along with all the vital information which is present online. Hence it puts you in a very vulnerable situation. Private Proxies helps by checking on the secured access by its various features and applications.


Restriction of Unauthorized Usage of Personal data


By using the Private proxies, you are securing your access to a safe and secured network. It prevents the access of the personal and private information from the unwanted users who can use it for their benefits. It also helps to keep check on the hackers and all other kinds of the cyber criminals.


Speed up the Internet

By using Private proxies, you are also speeding up your internet connection. Since it allows a single user or a group of users to access the internet, you can set the internet connection to its maximum level. Moreover the search engines and other internet users can also be prevented from accessing your private information of the web history.


Minimize Unwanted Internet Traffic


Since it restricts the different search engines and other websites to gather information about your surfing practices and other web details, you are completely saved from the unwanted internet traffic from your IP address.

For your internet security, Private Proxies are definitely a big help. The good news is that you can now access great deals on Private Proxies which has made the whole package a more beneficial one.


IP Authentication for private proxies or Username/Password

This is basis tutorial let you know how to use private proxies.There are mainly 2  type authenticate private proxies methods.




If you use this type private proxies anonymous surf..browser should show you popup with login/password request.just fill in your proxy Username/Password. you can anonymous surf now.

If you use for Scrapebox should use as this  format:

Private proxy format: IP:PORT:Username:Password




A  lot of  private proxy service providers use, “IP Authentication” to authorize your private proxy. If your proxy provider offers this feature,you don’t need Username/Password any more.


Step on  setting up IP authentication on


1. Login to the VIP control panel. Go to

2. Click “Authorized IPs”

3. Click “[Add to auth list]” add your IP and submit. Wait 5 mins for propagation.

5. Now you can start using the proxies listed under your “Private Proxies”

SquidProxies IP Authentication HOW to authorize private proxy

Authentication on

buyProxies IP Authentication HOW to authorize private proxy

After “IP Authentication”

If you use for Scrapebox should use as this  format:

Private proxy format: IP:PORT




Paid proxies service for Anonymous surfing,SEO,Social Media Marketing

Why I not recommend use free proxies?


Many people make the assumption that free proxies will work for what they need.In a way they are right, but if you are using a proxy server to stay anonymous online, then free proxies won’t work.

The biggest problem with free proxies is that they usually aren’t anonymous.  By this I mean anyone can see that the IP comes from a proxy server by simply examining the IP.What’s the point of using a proxy server to be anonymousif the whole world can see you are trying to hide behind a proxy server?

Free proxies might work for some people, but if you are serious about hiding your real IP and staying completely anonymous online then the only proven and reliable solution is an elite proxy that you setup yourself.  It is very easy for a website to detect free proxies as coming from a proxy server which isn’t anonymous.


What’s the point of using your a proxy server online if it is so slow that using a dialup modem would have been better?
Amazingly, this is how some proxy servers feel.

Speed of free and other cheap proxies is usually not thatgreat.  Why?  It relates back to how it was setup, how many
people are using it and just where the proxy server is hosted.I am sure you have used some proxies that made surfing the
internet nothing more than a painful experience.

If  relability and speed of your proxy is important, then consider using  paid private proxies.

(Problems of Public Proxies–Free but unreliable,Dangerous,slow)


Why I recommend with paid proxies service? 


  1. More security on Internet.A high anonymous proxy is a unique Internet address dedicated to you.Using these private proxy servers will allow you to never be concerned about your personal information such as Credit card,Address…Being compromised whenever you buy or surf on the web.
  2. Unblock Applications.Such as Google voice,skype these VOIP service.Also private proxies can help you verify accouts,eg Craigslist,facebook, twitter,gmail,etc
  3. Bypass firewall blocks.Such as unblock Youtube, Facebook, school. Using private proxy server can easily unblock it, so you can enjoy anonymous surfing the website now.
  4. Some private proxy services provide sock5 proxy,sock proxies can fully help you hiding your real IP.It’s known as best anonymous proxy.You can buy best private proxies from a anonymous proxy service support sock5 Protocol.
  5. Utilize it to your online marketing programs.Lots of internet maker(IM) use some blackhat SEO tools,Such as Xrumer, SeNuke, Scrapebox, ZennoPoster, Sick submitter,BMD..Use private proxies can obviously improve your submit success rate.Also Nowadays, Social Media Marketing become more and more popular, so many IMers need  Craigslist Proxies,twitter proxies, facebook proxies, youtube proixes and pinterest proxies…the private proxies is good solution for you.

Public Proxies vs Private Proxies

Everyone can so easily get public proxy list online.A lot of guys see them as free of charge and they go for it happily thinking they are saving money, However, there are lots of risks and not efficiency as well. Also If you’ve ever tried to use free/public Proxy Servers then you’ll quickly have discovered that they rarely work.


  • If you’ve ever tried to use free/public Proxy Servers then you’ll quickly have discovered that they rarely work,
  • And when they do they are beyond slow.
  • And if you’re lucky to find a working Proxy (let alone 5 or 10 working Proxies – and forget 30!) it almost certainly wouldn’t be working the next time you came back,
  • So then you have to start the cycle of searching for working proxies and updating your software all over again.

“Free” Public Proxy Servers look like they could be the solution for SEM’s looking to get around the “Google Block” problems with their Search Engine Ranking software.Lots of people use the internet to try and find free stuff. But you must konw the drawback about public proxies.


Public Proxy Servers are really slow.
Eg. If you’re lucky to find a working scrapebox proxy,you can use scrapebox check,ASAP check it again,there are must be a lot of can not work.So then you have to start the cycle of checking for working proxies and updating your scrapebox proxies list over over again.
Public Proxy Servers are not high Anonymous.
Using this free IPs does not only comprise your IP, browsing experience and others but can jeopardize your identity.If you really need anonymous surf,Public Proxies can not protect your individual or merchant privacy online.


Public Proxies are Dangerous.
If you are use Public Proxies,someone can monitor what you are doing while browsing the Internet and can capture your personal information.Your ISP and the Search Engines Keep a Log of Your Internet Activity,Open WiFi Networks (Hotspots, Airport, Library,Hotel, and School) are NOT Secure


Public Proxy Servers are Unreliable.
because Public Proxies resources are available for free. SMTP Mail Servers is a good example. As a mail server can be abused to send out zillions of spam messages, you never see free public SMTP mail servers. Any sensible Network Professional will secure their mail servers to prevent them from “relaying” and being hijacked.So the vast majority (if not all) publicly available free Proxy Server, that does not require any registration or authentication, are either misconfigured Proxy Servers belonging to someone else, or are computers that have been compromised by hackers who have installed their own Proxy Server software so they can use the computers as “Zombies” or “BotNets” for their own dubious ends.


So,If you can not suffer those drawback of pulic proxies.You can choose private proxies.There are some companies that offer shared private proxies for low price and this is usually shared among 2 to 20 people. The aim is to allow you test ride their IPs and if you love it you can buy them for your utmost protection.Good proxies deliver good job in good speed, confidentiality is guaranteed, you get support all around the clock, and your real IPs is never linked, unlimited bandwidth and many more.


If you have a business need for Proxy Servers, you can avoid all these hassles and risks by using Private Servers:

  • Don’t waste time searching endless lists for free public Proxy Servers that work
  • Don’t waste time reconfiguring your software every time you do find new Public Proxy Servers to test them
  • Don’t waste time on Public Proxy Servers that work today and then don’t work the next time you use them
  • Don’t risk your company’s reputation having your Internet traffic associated with Internet traffic generated from dubious or illegal activities (law enforcement agencies tracing back hackers who used the same Public Proxy Servers as you will knock on your door)
  • Don’t risk your privacy or company data through fake Public Proxy Servers that may have been set up by hackers just to capture your personal or private details
  • And finally, ask yourself the question, “is it OK and compatible with your company’s policies to make use of someone else’s computer resources without their knowledge?”



Compare Private Proxies with Shared Proxies?

If you’re looking to paid proxy service, you should know that there is more than one type to choose from. Their main two most people are concerned about are private proxies versus shared proxies. Not only do their prices tend to differ, but more importantly their uses. So take in to account your budget and your intended uses before making a decision on your proxy Needs.

What’s the difference between Shared Private Proxies and dedicated private proxies?  The easy answer is how many users are accessing the same IP address. The main difference between shared and dedicated is the number of clients using an IP address.

What is a Private Proxy?

A private proxy, also known as a dedicated proxy, is also pretty straightforward. It provides you with your own private proxy server that is not accessible to anyone else. Besides the obvious benefit of not sharing in the consequences of others’ actions, there are many other advantages of using a private proxy. It is usually much faster for instance because congestion from other users is not an issue. This can really speed up whatever work you’re doing.

Another timesaver is the ease with which some applications work with private proxies as opposed to shared proxies. And most people enjoy the fact that private proxies offer a much wider selection of geographic locations for their IP addresses. Whether you want your IPs to be from the US, India, or elsewhere, you should have no problem arranging that with a private proxy.

When it comes to private proxies, there isn’t much in the way of disadvantages and that’s exactly what you pay for. In fact, that in itself is the main issue; the cost. Because you get more IP addresses, a wider selection of geographic locations, and faster speeds, you pay more. If you plan to do a lot of work and need these features though, then the cost might be worth it. Just be sure to take your budget and intended use into consideration before you decide to buy a proxy.

What is a Shared Proxy?

A shared proxy is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is shared by multiple users. This means if you buy a shared proxy, it will be accessible to multiple people, not just you. If you won’t be transmitting huge amounts of data, a shared proxy should work just fine. Additionally, if you’re not spending too much time using the shared proxy, it might be worth saving some money. Most shared proxies are cheaper because you’re not only sharing the server, you’re sharing the cost of that server too. This is why most casual users buy shared proxies.

There are disadvantages to using a shared proxy though, and these should be taken into consideration before making your purchase. Because you are sharing that server with others, their use can affect you. For example, if one user does something less than reputable and gets banned from a site, you will also be banned. As far as that site is concerned, you and the offender are the same users because it only sees the one, shared server. Another potential disadvantage is the limitation of a shared proxy’s available geographic locations. With shared proxies, their IP addresses are usually associated with one city or region. If for some reason you need a wide range of geographic proxy addresses, then a shared proxy may not work for you.

The downside about shared private proxy service

1. These IP can be related. If someone else who is part of the proxy gets banned, you also get banned;
2. It’s can not pick the geographic location. some of the entries are from the same town or region.
3. Sometimes shared proxies are being abused (by email spam) by all kinds of users and very large spaces include the entire range of IP addresses;
4. The minimum package may be too high for you. (eg.I need 20-50 proxies, But MIN-package is 100 IP’s– I do not need 100 IP addresses, so you waste money here);
5. It may not allow IM software. (EG. Scrapebox, Xrumer)

So,If you don’t care about these drawbacks,you can buy shared private proxy, It’s still anonymous for you, can protect your security and safety online. But if you do not prefer that limitation of Shared Proxies you may buy dedicated private proxies.