Private Proxies: protect your privacy on Internet

Private proxies are one of the best ways to have access to safe internet surfing. In the present times, the internet due to its high popularity and widespread usage has also become a center of evil practices. If you are using the internet, your security is the first thing that should be the center of the priority.

Due to their ease of access and quality services, Private proxies have become the choice of every internet user now a days. They are easily available either free or for some very nominal prices. When it comes to security, Private Proxies take the lead by securing your IP address from the hackers and other malpractices.


What are Private Proxies?


In the simple computer language, a Proxy Server can be called as a server which acts as an intermediary for several requests that can be a threat to your IP address. Every computer has an IP address which is unique to the system. Whenever someone goes online, the IP address gets reflected. The Proxy Server acts as an intermediary between the receiver source and your IP thus blocking the access to the IP Address. In this way you are saved from several hackers and other necessary online traffic that can slow down your speed too.


Why are Private Proxies being used?


The advantages are numerous which have today made the Private Proxies widely popular globally. When you go online, your information is always threatened from the activities of unwanted users. While on a public connection, the people accessing the same network would have access to your browsing data along with all the vital information which is present online. Hence it puts you in a very vulnerable situation. Private Proxies helps by checking on the secured access by its various features and applications.


Restriction of Unauthorized Usage of Personal data


By using the Private proxies, you are securing your access to a safe and secured network. It prevents the access of the personal and private information from the unwanted users who can use it for their benefits. It also helps to keep check on the hackers and all other kinds of the cyber criminals.


Speed up the Internet

By using Private proxies, you are also speeding up your internet connection. Since it allows a single user or a group of users to access the internet, you can set the internet connection to its maximum level. Moreover the search engines and other internet users can also be prevented from accessing your private information of the web history.


Minimize Unwanted Internet Traffic


Since it restricts the different search engines and other websites to gather information about your surfing practices and other web details, you are completely saved from the unwanted internet traffic from your IP address.

For your internet security, Private Proxies are definitely a big help. The good news is that you can now access great deals on Private Proxies which has made the whole package a more beneficial one.


How to Setup a Secure WinProxy server

Using a proxy is a great way to protect your security and privacy online. It acts as a buffer between your system and the web, receiving your requests for data, fetching them, and then sending them back to you. They have many uses, but typically would be employed when you need to access web content that is blocked for one reason or another.

Proxy servers may also be used by network administrators to control access to certain websites. They can also cache data, which would quick access to other content. In a Local Area Network (LAN), every computer has the same IP address, which allows for better security due to the fact that there are fewer ports exposed than there would be if everyone had a different address.

Proxy servers work differently than firewalls, and they are more complicated to install and configure. This is because proxy functionality for every application needs to be configured one by one, such as HTTP, SMTP or SOCKS.


With that being said, if you can setup a proxy server correctly, it is incredible what it will do for your security and the efficiency of your system. Proxy servers work at OSI application layer, meaning that they are smart workers and can do things such as check the internet addresses of outgoing requests by inspecting HTTP GET and POST messages.

This is how network administrators can allow you access to some websites, but block content from others. A regular, run-of-the-mill firewall would not be able to see domain names. Proxy servers can filter application data that reside in these messages. They are so useful that there are some very good proxy servers for Microsoft Windows.

A popular Windows-based proxy is WinProxy. It is a popular because one does not need to download any software or search aimlessly online – making it easy to configure and use. It is also a transparent application, allowing it to run quickly without interfering with a system’s performance. WinProxy also supports HTTP, FTP, NNTP, and others protocols.


How to Setup a Secure WinProxy server

If you want to configure a WinProxy server, simply take the following steps:

1. Install TCO/IP protocol on every computer that is connected to your LAN.
2. Run the Installation Wizard, and follow each step. When prompted for your product key, you must enter it.
3. Choose your type of connection, and give it a name.
4. Type in the username and password that will be required to connect.
5. The wizard will configure your internal and external IP addresses, and will assign a different IP address to each computer that is connected to your network.
6. Disconnect from the internet.
7. WinProxy will do its thing and then ask you to confirm if all operations have been executed. If they have, confirm.
8. Your setup and configuration should be completed, and your secure proxy should be ready to use.



How to Use Google App Engine Setup Proxy Server for Free

I just use  my  Google App Engine get my first web proxy can use this proxy to “ ”  “” “”

You can get those infomations.

Browser: Google
OS: unknown
Organisation / ISP: Google Inc

Here I will tell you How I did it.Just follow this tutorial.


Do a simple Google search like “proxy servers” and you’ll find dozens of PHP proxy scripts on the Internet that will help you create proxy servers in minutes for free. The only limitation with PHP based proxies is that you require a web server to host the proxy scripts and second, you also need a domain name to act as an address for your proxy site.

If you don’t own a domain or server space, you can still create a personal proxy server for free and that too without requiring any technical knowledge.

Create a Free Proxy Server with Google App Engine

Here’s one such proxy site that you can build for your friends in school or even for your personal use (say for accessing blocked sites from office). This is created using Google App Engine and, contrary to what you may think, the setup is quite simple.

Step 1: Go to and sign-in using your Google Account.

Step 2: Click the “Create an Application” button. Since this is your first time, Google will send a verification code via SMS to your mobile phone number. Type the code and you’re all set to create apps with Google App Engine.

Step 3: Choose a sub-domain* that will host your proxy server. Make sure the domain is available, agree to the Google Terms and click save. The sub-domain is also your App ID that will uniquely identify your proxy application.

For this example, we’ll use labnol-proxy-server as the App ID though you are free to choose any other unique name.

Step 4: OK, now that we have reserved the ID, it’s time to create and upload the proxy server application to Google App Engine. Go to, download the 2.6.4 MSI Installer and install Python.

Step 5: Once Python is installed, go to, download the Google App Engine SDK for Python and install it.

Step 6: Download this zip file and extract it to some folder on your desktop. The zip file, for the curious, contains a couple of text files (written in HTML and Python) that you can read with notepad.

Step 7: Start the Google App Engine Launcher program from the desktop and set the right values under Edit – > Preferences (see screenshot above).

Step 8. Click File – > Add Existing Application under the Google App Launcher program and browse to the directory that you created in Step 6. Click the Edit button and replace “YOUR_APP_ID” with the ID (sub-domain) that you reserved in Step 3.

Step 9: Click Deploy and your online proxy server is now ready for use.

HTTP proxy server

In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.HTTP proxy server is a proxy, allowing working on the Internet with HTTP  protocols. It  can carry out caching of information downloaded from the Internet.Let’s have a more detailed look over its abilities.

HTTP proxy servers have several anonymity levels.That may hides the original users’ IP address and other details from the remote server.  It depends on purposes, which a proxy is used for, so an anonymity requirement is not always an essential one.

  1. Transparent – these proxies are not anonymous. They, first, let a web server know that there is used a proxy server and, secondly, “give away” an IP-address of a client. The task of such proxies, as a rule, is information caching and/or support of Internet access for several computers via single connection.
  2. Anonymous – these proxy servers let a remote computer (web-server) know, that there is used a proxy, however, they do not pass an IP-address of a client.
  3. Distorting – unlike the previous type, they transfer an IP-address to a remote web-server, however, this address is a phantom: randomly generated by a proxy server or any fixed (not your) IP. So, these proxies distort your IP address from the point of view of a web-server.
  4. High anonymous (elite) – they do not send your IP-address to a remote computer. Also, they do not inform that there is used any proxy server! So, a web-server “thinks” that it works directly with a client.




Why Choose A Private Proxy

Why Would You Need A Proxy?

anonymous private proxies | Why Choose A Private Proxy

There are a variety of reasons why someone would need a proxy server and they are all basically about protection, even though that protection may not mean the same thing to everyone. For example, an ordinary person who conducts online banking may consider a proxy server to ensure their details remain anonymous and are not accessible by identity thieves or would-be hackers. Other people with websites may choose to use private proxies to help them improve their website rankings without getting their IP banned. So, let’s have a look at these two in a little more depth.

Defeat The Hackers

stop hackingThere are many malicious people online that spend their time trying to, and succeeding many times, in accessing funds of the ordinary person. Even giants like paypal have had issues to contend with, although they have much more technology at their disposal than the ordinary Joe in the street. Whenever you access a website your IP address leaves and imprint and if you do not have sufficient protection it is easy for a hacker (or even a virus) to gain access to your personal data. For example, even if they were not going to try to hack into your financial accounts, they will have access to the sites you have visited, the information you may have completed whilst there, the amount of time you spent on any site, etc. So, you see the vulnerabilities there? With private proxies from reputable and reliable companies they are unable to track you as the proxy is the site that is registered wherever you go. This basically means that the proxy server acts as a kind of middleman between you and the sites you are accessing. This means the proxy server information is what is visible as the imprint and not your home pc.

Improving Your Website Rank

xrumer proxy serviceSome people understand that Google give a great deal of respect to backlinks to websites and use this as part of the criteria for bumping websites up the popularity ranks. Everyone wants to be top dog for a simple reason; many people will generally only search for their information on the first few pages of Google. Some may even not reach page 2, which emphasizes the importance of gaining those top spots. Backlinks can be created organically, which means other people see your site, like what they see and link to it themselves. Other people use a variety of different kinds of backlinking software to achieve a lot more backlink results. There is free backlinking software available but one of the most widely used is a paid version called xrumer. Xrumer proxies are proving to be very popular as they provide a middleman to the websites you are creating links to, which means your IP address remains hidden. Sometimes Google (or any of the other search engines) will punish an IP address if they think that it has produced spammy links, and this will create a problem for you.