Public proxies harvester software

We all work in some or the other organizations. In most of these organizations we use computers and along with these computers we have the facility of the Internet. We have lot of uses of the Internet. Nowadays for each and everything we take the help of the Internet. However, in the organizations, its use is limited because of the blocked sites. As a result we are able to make the full use of Internet.

This is where the proxies come into picture. The proxy let us open all the websites, including the blocked one with ease. They deceive the system into believing that they are opening allowed site. It does not let the monitoring server know that the banned sites are being opened. However, the use of a single proxy is short lived. The server soon finds out the proxy and bans it. So we require new proxies at a regular basis. Its not an easy task to get new proxies. The proxies are also available after payment, but its not a feasible option. Sometimes, if a person is found using a proxy for a long time, his IP address is also banned. A proxy is like a by-pass for reaching the same site.

These proxies are just random words, but that does not mean that we can use any word as proxy. It has to be a proxy and tested. To make real use of proxy, there should be numerous of them. This is where proxy harvester software comes into picture. Even if one has a list of proxies, it is useless because each proxy has a lifetime; whether they are used or not, they expire. So we require continuous flow of fresh proxies. Proxy harvester software does just that. It provides thousands of proxies at a time. It keeps supplying you with the proxies. These are reliable and tested public proxies. All one has to do is pick any one proxy and use it, even before it is expired, one ahs a large range of proxies to use from.

Nowadays, proxies are very useful for effective use of the Internet facilities provided to people. Proxy harvester software is like a supplier which never lets you be out of stock of proxies. All the work is done by proxy harvester software, which gathers proxies and after checking their working and validating them sends them to one person. Proxy harvester software is the ultimate tool, which is cheap and most feasible to encounter any problem related to the access of banned sites. With the help of this tool, one can always be in touch with his social life even in his office, where all the social networking sites are banned. One can also use proxy harvester software for retrieving important data, which may be blocked due to some reasons.

Proxy harvester software will give access to a wide range of websites all time long, so that the person gives better output and is more efficient and knowledgeable. Thus, proxy harvester software is the solution to all the people stressed with the limitations on the use of the Internet.

You can ues Proxy Goblin or Proxy multiply for your Proxy harvester and test software solution.


Public Proxies vs Private Proxies

Everyone can so easily get public proxy list online.A lot of guys see them as free of charge and they go for it happily thinking they are saving money, However, there are lots of risks and not efficiency as well. Also If you’ve ever tried to use free/public Proxy Servers then you’ll quickly have discovered that they rarely work.


  • If you’ve ever tried to use free/public Proxy Servers then you’ll quickly have discovered that they rarely work,
  • And when they do they are beyond slow.
  • And if you’re lucky to find a working Proxy (let alone 5 or 10 working Proxies – and forget 30!) it almost certainly wouldn’t be working the next time you came back,
  • So then you have to start the cycle of searching for working proxies and updating your software all over again.

“Free” Public Proxy Servers look like they could be the solution for SEM’s looking to get around the “Google Block” problems with their Search Engine Ranking software.Lots of people use the internet to try and find free stuff. But you must konw the drawback about public proxies.


Public Proxy Servers are really slow.
Eg. If you’re lucky to find a working scrapebox proxy,you can use scrapebox check,ASAP check it again,there are must be a lot of can not work.So then you have to start the cycle of checking for working proxies and updating your scrapebox proxies list over over again.
Public Proxy Servers are not high Anonymous.
Using this free IPs does not only comprise your IP, browsing experience and others but can jeopardize your identity.If you really need anonymous surf,Public Proxies can not protect your individual or merchant privacy online.


Public Proxies are Dangerous.
If you are use Public Proxies,someone can monitor what you are doing while browsing the Internet and can capture your personal information.Your ISP and the Search Engines Keep a Log of Your Internet Activity,Open WiFi Networks (Hotspots, Airport, Library,Hotel, and School) are NOT Secure


Public Proxy Servers are Unreliable.
because Public Proxies resources are available for free. SMTP Mail Servers is a good example. As a mail server can be abused to send out zillions of spam messages, you never see free public SMTP mail servers. Any sensible Network Professional will secure their mail servers to prevent them from “relaying” and being hijacked.So the vast majority (if not all) publicly available free Proxy Server, that does not require any registration or authentication, are either misconfigured Proxy Servers belonging to someone else, or are computers that have been compromised by hackers who have installed their own Proxy Server software so they can use the computers as “Zombies” or “BotNets” for their own dubious ends.


So,If you can not suffer those drawback of pulic proxies.You can choose private proxies.There are some companies that offer shared private proxies for low price and this is usually shared among 2 to 20 people. The aim is to allow you test ride their IPs and if you love it you can buy them for your utmost protection.Good proxies deliver good job in good speed, confidentiality is guaranteed, you get support all around the clock, and your real IPs is never linked, unlimited bandwidth and many more.


If you have a business need for Proxy Servers, you can avoid all these hassles and risks by using Private Servers:

  • Don’t waste time searching endless lists for free public Proxy Servers that work
  • Don’t waste time reconfiguring your software every time you do find new Public Proxy Servers to test them
  • Don’t waste time on Public Proxy Servers that work today and then don’t work the next time you use them
  • Don’t risk your company’s reputation having your Internet traffic associated with Internet traffic generated from dubious or illegal activities (law enforcement agencies tracing back hackers who used the same Public Proxy Servers as you will knock on your door)
  • Don’t risk your privacy or company data through fake Public Proxy Servers that may have been set up by hackers just to capture your personal or private details
  • And finally, ask yourself the question, “is it OK and compatible with your company’s policies to make use of someone else’s computer resources without their knowledge?”



Proxy multiply – Get unlimited public proxies at an instance

Proxy multiply is not just any proxy tester or scraper, but it is a lot more than both of them. It searches for hundreds of proxies in an assortment of search engines. However, many websites would be arranged first to harvest the proxies.

Find the proxies automatically with proxy multiply. For that, it has to be set to automatically find, once that is done, and then first the public proxies will be found and then tested. Once it is set to automatic find, then you should just leave it like that as the proxies will be received continuously. This could certainly be a purchase that you were waiting for. You’ll get software support throughout the lifetime of the product, and you won’t be charged with any cost for the support and updates.

The process starts by the new proxies being pulled out from the websites that have the proxy lists posted on it. These websites are updated regularly. However, you must be thinking that there already must be software, in large numbers, that can locate websites in which public proxies are listed. Of course there are websites, but Proxy Multiply is a step ahead to them. After the proxies are scraped from the websites with the help of Proxy Multiply, your program would have had almost 10,000 proxies by now.

Once the proxies are there, then the ‘search mode’ will be turned on. These public proxies will then be used by Proxy Multiply so the new proxies can be searched in Google. A better illustration of the above process can be found on grab a proxy and Alive Proxy. So do not wait for more and see the web for proxies.

What is there for you?

Go through as many pages as you can to see if there’s a website that lists the newest of the proxies. There are high times that if a search is being made using an elite proxy of anonymous nature or just anonymous proxy as the search item.

Why is it unique?

Till date, there is not any program that incorporates such a technology, which is quite recursive, to scrape a limitless proxy from the websites that posts them in a list. Not just infinite, but a list that increases exponentially. All you needs can be accommodated no matter how many proxies you require, and only Proxy Multiply can do that. This is perfectly makes it unique that a proxy tester or a proxy scraper.

There are other products that give a tough competition to it, but you’d still think that why Proxy Multiply should be used over its competitors. It is its complexities that would make you to think before using it. Just look after its history before you chose it, so you’re sure of where you are heading towards. In any case, looking at the past is just going to make it easier. Figure out what consumers have felt about it. If that is analyzed, then last thing you are left with is the price.