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Offical website

ProxiesNow was established in 2103 and you can check it on Though have some years in this industry of proxy service, still not a popular proxy provider. And their website design looks not like a reasonable commerce site. With ProxiesNow, you can install any legal tool you desire and use it for any purpose. However, you are not allowed to send bulk unsolicited emails. The provider advises you to use proxies whenever possible.

Key characteristics of proxies provided by Proxiesnow

A private proxy is reliable, fast, and comes with around the clock support. No more searching for public proxy lists that are outdated and slow. When you buy proxies from Proxies Now you will receive a list of proxies that only you have access to.

  • Proxies Protocols. All private proxies provided by ProxiesNow support all protocols, including HTTP, Https and SOCKS5. Of which, the SOCKS5 protocol can do more application to internet users compare with HTTP, such as ICQ, FTP, QQ, Torrent programs, Skype, online games and Outlook.
  • IP addresses and User Authentication. This proxy provider allows both IP and Username based authentication. In addition, its customers can feel free to request to change the proxy IPs anytime during the period of subscription.
  • Good customer service. The customer support team can provide its current users of ProxiesNow 24/7 support service.
  • Multiple Locations. This proxy provider has the subnets located in more than 30 countries worldwide as well as more than 8 Locations of the US.
  • Simultaneous Usage. With ProxiesNow, there is the maximum of 25 IPs to be authenticated for proxy usage at the same time.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • The money back guarantee policy within 7 days.
  • Managed in Amazon Cloud for 99.5% Uptime
  • Instant Setup. Proxies are delivered right after your payment process completes.
  • On-Demand IP Replacement. Each account includes on-demand IP replacement.
  • Automated Control Panel. The fully automated and self-managed control panel of ProxiesNow with round the clock proxy monitoring makes your proxy management a lot easier.

However, this proxy provider does not Support X-Rummer.

Comments from experienced customers

Most of the clients did buy proxies with confidence from ProxiesNow as all of their orders come with a 7-day money back guarantee and around the clock support. If anyone has any questions, they can easily take a look at the FAQ or contact the customer service of this proxy provider today. They are always ready to help you with your order.

Besides, ProxiesNow can provide from 5 proxies all the way up to 5000 proxies and beyond. You can get their special prices which are available for orders over 500 proxies.

Quoted prices and promotions

There are 4 different packages provided by ProxiesNow. Details of the pricing plans of ProxiesNow are as follows:

  • 10 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 19.95
  • 25 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 44.95
  • 50 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 79.95
  • 100 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 149.95

In addition, your first month of service is 60% off when you sign up today with this proxy provider. In order to be eligible for such discount, please use coupon code ‘proxies60′ when placing your order. Review | ip freely proxies

IP Freely Proxies prices its offerings based on the number of US proxies you purchase and on the limits for web mailing. The minimum number of servers you can purchase from IPFreely Proxies is 10 at $23 per month. You can go as high as 400 proxy servers for $625 per month. The company does caution its users to take a look at what the company allows and what they don’t allow before they purchase the server: refunds are not given if one is disappointed that a service they wanted to use was not available on the servers. All of their prices are given in Australian dollars.

IP Freely Proxies provides US Private Proxies that all are Anonymous Elite Proxies and there are almost no restrictions on their use,for just about any legal use including legitimate webmailing.


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SamplePackage Price WebMailing Limits
10 Proxies $23 100
20 Proxies $42 200
50 Proxies $100 500
100 Proxies $180 1,000

Here is Sample packages that IPFreelyProxies service provided. It’s exclusive U.S. Proxies.It provide private proxies just about any legal use. IPFreelyProxies works great on Scrapebox for IMer, support Multiple IP Subnets;Fresh IPs Monthly; not support the use of our proxies for anyservice that requires geolocation like Craigslist.not support Xrumers too. operate on GMT+10 which is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) .So you must check you time when you need support.If you check out IPFreelyProxies and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!


IPFreely Proxies Technical Details

(Reviews by

IPFreely Proxies offers high-speed connections, nonsequential IP addresses and, if you wish, you can get fresh IP is assigned to your account on a monthly basis. You can also subscribe to multiple IP subnets, if you wish. The service puts no ads in your way and there are no delays in getting on one of their servers. The service guarantees that it is compatible with all browsers.

IPFreely Proxies Customer Support

IPFreely Proxies offers the ticket support that will be familiar to users of most proxy services. Services are supported via e-mail and each complaint is given a unique ticket number that may be tracked online.

IPFreely Proxies Conclusion

IPFreely Proxies have some excellent features and the flexibility of adding more webmail service to the package is a nice touch. One thing to be aware of with the services that they have a very restrictive refund policy and, if you don’t read the terms of service thoroughly, you may find yourself wanting your money back and not able to get it. Overall, however, IPFreely Proxies offers a service that is comparable to the competition and that has some nice features of its own.


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS/FTP
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Fresh IPs Monthly
  • Multiple IPSubnets
  • Supported: Scrapebox, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,web2.0, WebMailing(Limits)
  • Not Supported: Craigslist ,Xrummer

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Proxy bonanza service provides a high anonymous Socks5 protocol and http protocol proxy. That’s why it more expensive than other HTTP proxy. You can use SocksCap configuration you socks5 proxy.

Pricing Plans

Proxy Bonanza offers both shared and dedicated proxy service accounts, with each type also offering several gradations in order to meet the needs and budget of subscribers.


Dedicated Price bandwidth
 1 Proxies $9.99 20 Gb
3 Proxies   $23.99 50 Gb
5 Proxies  $36.99 70 Gb

Here is  Sample packages(EXCLUSIVE PROXY) that Proxy bonanza service provided.There are also shared proxy.



Shared Price bandwidth
10 Proxies $7.49 6 Gb
70 Proxies   $21.99 15 Gb
130 Proxies  $39.99 30 Gb

That means that more than one customer may be using the same proxy IP addresses at the same time; That’s proxy not public proxy. So It’s a wise choice that you can get 10 IPs  at : $7.49 per month.Proxy bonanza also have International proxies for you.

Their dedicated proxy services is made up of three different packages that range from $9.99 monthly to $36.99 per month. Available bandwidth and the number of usable IP Addresses vary depending on the package, as well as the availability of extra features such as international proxy services. The company’s shared proxy servers are still of decent quality, since it is only shared amongst other Proxy Bonanza customers, instead of the rest of the world.



  • Proxies Protocol:Socks5/HTTP
  • Firefox proxy add-on
  • Different C classes IP, International proxies
  • Proxy Update Frequency:Every Couple of Months
  • Supported: YouTube, Facebook, Cragslist.(If not work they will issue a full refund)
  • Not Supported:  Xrumer,  Scrapebox

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Usage Policy

Proxy Bonanza doesn’t offer specific information regarding their usage policies, so the TOA should be checked thoroughly before signing up. It is expected that some popular services, such as Facebook and Youtube, may encounter some problems from time to time as the company has already made it known that their services were abused in the past (so it wouldn’t be surprising that some of their servers are already in trouble with Facebook and Youtube.)

According to their TOA, you are not allowed to use ProxyBonanza’s services for illegal activity, including but not limited to transfer or receipt of illegal material, sending of bulk spam, or any other kind of undesired large scale abuse).

Proxy Bonanza also reserves the right to terminate a user’s account without any notice or refund, if the company catches a user doing something that violates their terms of agreement – the determination of what is illegal or not will be the sole discretion of Proxy Bonanza.

Their terms of service is a little bit lengthy and has a lot of provisions that lean in favor of the company, so you may want to read it carefully before signing up.

Coupons and Discounts

ProxyBonanza already offers a sliding scale of custom plans and packages, so that they will be able to meet the budgetary constraints and demands of different people, so they deem it not necessary to provide discounts or trial periods.

Mode of Payment

ProxyBonanza only supports payments from verified Paypal accounts.


ProxyBonanza’s flexible packages make them enticing at first, but the uber strict TOA, coupled with the fact that they don’t offer unlimited bandwidth prevents us from recommending their service, especially since there are a lot of better alternatives.(Reviews by

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  1. I have experienced using these proxies for AMR , Senuke , scrapebox(before penguin) etc. proxies are working well and the service is also nice, fast respond. So it is very recommended for people who want to use private proxies for SEO.
  2. Hello, After being dissatisfied with many different proxy providers I finally learned about Squid Proxies. It is a amazing and friendly service. The proxies are top notch and the best I have ever used. One thing for sure is your proxies will keep you safe, hidden and secure ! I ordered 25 proxies using the coupon code within 10 mins I have the proxies account setup.Ask squidproxies a question, and I always gets answered in minutes.
  3. This proxy service is one of the best i have ever seen, they have the fastest support team out there by far , i sent a support ticket and got a response within 20 mins , talk about fast , they are there to help you get exactly what you need when it comes to proxies , highly recommended
  4. Great service and great proxies, when they are working effectively.Hey, no complaints here what-so-ever! I have been using SquidProxies 10 proxy a month plan for nearly a year. They are exclusive, best in the business! Also, for the quality, you can’t beat the price!
  5. I am use this proxies to post on craigslist, and those works really perfect!!! Perfect ip quality!! , when i pay out , i ask for CL IPs.Proxies was replace for the CL ones and since that day i be posting for my clients all over US, recommend this service.
  6. Clint says:  These proxies are able to upload a YouTube video pretty quickly.I’m amazed! Great proxies and very fast! Will tell my friends about your awesome service!
  7. I also think very highly of your guy’s Customer support team, really fast and professional.

    i’ve use squidproxies for this month, and just wanna say, that it’s working great. the speed is also fast.. highly recommended.:=)

  8. I use it for SENuke X.I haven’t had a single proxy fail on me.
    Support is so cute.They always replied my question within 5 minutes to answer.
    Highly recommended–ALL STARS!

  9. Squidproxies is just GREAT. I had problems with them, cause the proxies were not working with Tweetadder. They refunded my money without me even asking (they even returned the remaining credit for the rest of the month).A few weeks after that, I was a little frustrated with my new provider (bad support, too expensive). I returned to squid and I don’t regret it. Support is SUPERB and the service is pretty good to.
  10. I forget how many years I’ve worked in IM. A lot of them. I am satisfied with Squid proxies.They have prefessional support also. I use service with LFE, BMD, and SENukeX of cource. Ah,if You use SENukeX,don’t forget to ask for proxies that are nod banned from reCaptcha.

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