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Offical website

ProxiesNow was established in 2103 and you can check it on Though have some years in this industry of proxy service, still not a popular proxy provider. And their website design looks not like a reasonable commerce site. With ProxiesNow, you can install any legal tool you desire and use it for any purpose. However, you are not allowed to send bulk unsolicited emails. The provider advises you to use proxies whenever possible.

Key characteristics of proxies provided by Proxiesnow

A private proxy is reliable, fast, and comes with around the clock support. No more searching for public proxy lists that are outdated and slow. When you buy proxies from Proxies Now you will receive a list of proxies that only you have access to.

  • Proxies Protocols. All private proxies provided by ProxiesNow support all protocols, including HTTP, Https and SOCKS5. Of which, the SOCKS5 protocol can do more application to internet users compare with HTTP, such as ICQ, FTP, QQ, Torrent programs, Skype, online games and Outlook.
  • IP addresses and User Authentication. This proxy provider allows both IP and Username based authentication. In addition, its customers can feel free to request to change the proxy IPs anytime during the period of subscription.
  • Good customer service. The customer support team can provide its current users of ProxiesNow 24/7 support service.
  • Multiple Locations. This proxy provider has the subnets located in more than 30 countries worldwide as well as more than 8 Locations of the US.
  • Simultaneous Usage. With ProxiesNow, there is the maximum of 25 IPs to be authenticated for proxy usage at the same time.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • The money back guarantee policy within 7 days.
  • Managed in Amazon Cloud for 99.5% Uptime
  • Instant Setup. Proxies are delivered right after your payment process completes.
  • On-Demand IP Replacement. Each account includes on-demand IP replacement.
  • Automated Control Panel. The fully automated and self-managed control panel of ProxiesNow with round the clock proxy monitoring makes your proxy management a lot easier.

However, this proxy provider does not Support X-Rummer.

Comments from experienced customers

Most of the clients did buy proxies with confidence from ProxiesNow as all of their orders come with a 7-day money back guarantee and around the clock support. If anyone has any questions, they can easily take a look at the FAQ or contact the customer service of this proxy provider today. They are always ready to help you with your order.

Besides, ProxiesNow can provide from 5 proxies all the way up to 5000 proxies and beyond. You can get their special prices which are available for orders over 500 proxies.

Quoted prices and promotions

There are 4 different packages provided by ProxiesNow. Details of the pricing plans of ProxiesNow are as follows:

  • 10 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 19.95
  • 25 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 44.95
  • 50 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 79.95
  • 100 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 149.95

In addition, your first month of service is 60% off when you sign up today with this proxy provider. In order to be eligible for such discount, please use coupon code ‘proxies60′ when placing your order.

Where to buy best proxies for Xrumer posting?

proxies for Xrumer

Xrumer is software that is specifically designed for SEO purposes. It is software that ensures that you will be able to post comments as well as articles for the basic purpose of securing back links for your website. Now, posting in high domain authority websites is going to help your website to grow in ranking, and sooner or later, become the number one for a particular keyword. However, you have to make sure that the back linking is done with a lot of thought in mind. There are a lot of applicable aspects when it comes to understanding the needs for the software, and also how it will be able to provide and protect you in case there is any kind of problems in your campaign.

After all, there is a lot that can actually be told about the Xrumer software and the kind of help that it will be able to provide. With that being said, one can surely say that there is a lot of potential if you go for Xrumer posting, and you make use of the Xrumer software for the basic purpose of it. So, in order for it to work properly, you would need proxies. Doing the software posting from your own IP address can be useful, but it has a certain amount of longevity. Constantly pinging websites from your own IP address is going to get you banned from various platforms. So, it is for safeguarding your own IP address as well as looking into the bulk posting to be done within a short period of time that you need dedicated or shared proxies for this particular event.

The best part about going for the proxy services is that you will be able to get a wonderful idea on each and everything in relation to the services that you would want, without actually having to worry about any kind of problems. There is a lot that can actually be told about the basic aspects of life, and how you will be able to look into the problematic features that is to deal with the use of such wonderful proxies. There are ample services like the microleaves which are the best that you will be able to find in the world. So, what you do realize is that there is a lot of potential when it comes to using such kind of proxy services, and the kind of ample thought and understanding that you will be able to gain from such a service is very important.

The backconnect proxies from microleaves are the best that you will be able to find in the market. It will be able to provide you with a comprehensive background on getting excellent proxies underway, and you will be able to gain a lot from this particular service. It has excellent SOCK5 privacy, and wonderful connectivity that is definitely going to be the benchmark for your SEO campaigns and its likes.

Know more about Web Proxies,Sock/Http Proxies and Private/Shared Proxy

A Proxy is a server somewhere that you connect to, It acts as a middle man that connects your computer and the internet. Proxy servers are great tools that allow you to surf the internet anonymously and securely.

proxies works on web scraping

The proxy server essentially acts as a buffer between you and the internet. You send your requests through the proxy, and it requests data from the web – and then sends it back to you.


Why use the Proxy?


The Proxy Server cloaks your IP address, meaning that third parties will be unable to determine your identity. The only path that someone can trace your online actions back to is the proxy server. With the characteristic of Proxy, People can use the proxies for,

▶ Hiding your real IP to protect your Personal Information.

No one besides yourself and the proxy will know your location, your browsing habits, and your preferences, Keep Web Surfing from Being Tracked.

▶ Bypass Internet Geographical blocks, firewalls and content filters.

With a US Proxy, You can access Even if you are located outside the US. Making it easy for you to view sites that have been blocked for the location of the IP address. And you may bypass the firewall to unblock websites such as, at school or workplace.IP Restrictions or GEO blacked'

▶ Harvest and Post backlink for SEO.

When discussing Search Engine Optimization, Both the Scrapebox and GSA search engine ranker are well-known SEO tools that need tons of proxies for Checking rankings, Scraping URLs and post links on different types of communities.

Private Proxies for SEO

▶ Registering multiple accounts for Online Marketing.

The more proxies you have, The more IP you can post Ads on Craigslist and Create multiple accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. And Meaning the more to get Followers, Favorites, Likes, Repins and Likes.


Proxies are Classify By IP Address


▶ Private Proxy (Paid)

Also named Exclusive Proxies, The proxies are running on Dedicated Proxy Server, The IP of proxy is only used by one user.

Private proxies are efficient services for internet marketing. That’s widely used on SEO tools such as GSA, Scrapebox, SenukeX. Also, For social media marketing, You can use proxies to create tons of twitter/ youtube/ Pinterest/ Instagram accounts for getting more Followers, Views, Repins, and Likes with automated tools like ZennoPoster, TweetAdder.

Shared Proxy (Paid)

Also named Semi-Dedicated Proxies, The IP of proxy is shared between a limited number of users.

The key feature of private proxies needs to authorize. There’re two methods to authorize private proxies, one is used IP authentication, the other is using Username/Password which you can get proxies as “IP:PORT:Username: Password”.

▶ Public Proxy List (Free)

Continuously scan Free proxy servers then filter the proxies. The Public Proxy Server also know as Open Proxy Server that’s can be accessible by anyone. That’s meaning the proxies are opened to all internet users.

So you can use public proxies to hide your real IP address and surf anonymously for Free. The free proxy as IP:PORT can easily config on your web browser or other software application or app that supports the use of proxies.


Proxies are Classify By Proxy Protocol


▶ Web Proxy Sites (Website)

Web-based proxies without changing any browser settings, only for web surfing. Using a proxy site, or web proxy, users can unblock web sites that might be banned through their internet connection at work, school or elsewhere.

A user seeking to hide their ip and get to blocked web sites can navigate to a proxy site, enter the URL of the site they want to access, and then gain access to that site. You can find a web proxy list that’s constantly updated on

▶ Sock Proxy (IP:Port)

All Sock Proxies are Highly anonymous Proxies. Not only for web browsing, and versatile for all your Internet usage, such as Torrent, Outlook, ICQ, Skype, MSN, WoW and so on.

Sock5 proxies can fully help you hiding your real IP. It’s known as fully anonymous proxies. These sorts of proxies will protect all of your traffic, including requests for DNS. So private Socks proxies can be used for your strict needs, like Adwords, Paypal…I main use ProxyBonanza service for Socks proxies.

▶ HTTP Proxy List (IP:Port)

According to HTTP header info, there are 3 levels of proxies.

  • Elite Proxies – also named by Highly Anonymous Proxies that’s absolute anonymity. The web server can’t detect your real IP(your ISP IP) address, also you can’t know you’re using a proxy and all socks proxies are elite.
  • Anonymous Proxies – can mask your real IP address but the server may know that you’re using the proxy. The header info tells web server you’re using a proxy but it only contains IP address of proxy to web sever not your IP address.
  • Transparent Proxies – also name by caching proxies that are exposing your identity. The header info not only contain your ISP IP address but also tells a web server you’re using a proxy. The sole purpose of transparent proxies is to cache the data.

Private Proxies for Follow Liker – Easily Get More Likes and Followers

Promotion and business online….! Favorite social media platforms have already turned to best stages for businesses, marketers, artists, celebrities and almost all type of service providers for the purpose. No presence in social media means you miss reasonable volume of your business from your customers who love to see you online.

Follow Liker-Instagram Edition

It is so crazy that most of the business needs presence on multiple social media platforms likeTwitter, Pinterest, Instagram and TumbIr. Likes, Tweets, Shares and Posts….! These are today’s marketing mantras. Yes, number of followers, tweets, shares, posts and likes impresses online customers to great instant to go for products and services. Users use these platforms to promote themselves, their business, products, share information, generate leads, attracting new customers, generating traffic and more. All actions centers round one single and ultimate goal; to make business…!


About Follow Liker – Social Media Marketing Bot for Instagram,Twitter,Pinterest, Tumblr


How do you feel when marketing powers and abilities of all these social media platforms combined to a single tool? It really makes you sprint. Follow Liker is designed for this purpose and is the systematically optimized and perfectly automated version of Instagram, Twitter, TumbIr and Pinterest. You can run Follow Liker 24 hours a day and is very easy and flexible to setup and use.

Some of the important things you can do with Follow Liker include twitter to Follow and unfollowusers, Post and reply tweets, Retweet, Send messages, Instagram to Share & comment on photos, like & unlike photos, Tweet, User & photo search, Share,Pinterest to like & unlike pins,Repin, Comment pin and more and more.


Why need proxies for Follow Liker?


Before answering the question, it will be better to know what happens when your finger falls on ‘Send’ or ‘Enter’ button. This communication first passes through a proxy server before reaching its destination. Proxies are agents to process the internet requests made by the users. It acts between the mother computer and rest of the servers and computers connected with the internet. When you place request, it is send to proxy or proxy server and it returns the information what you really need. They are used for several reasons like filtering content, downloads and uploads and more.

how DO proxy server works


Follow Liker integrates several accounts and hence it is difficult to run all accounts with basic proxies supported by your IP. You need multiple proxies to support the functions of multiple accounts to prevent it from getting halted or hooked. When connected with proxies, it doesn’t shows home IP address and instead shows IP of proxy servers assuring the user with more privacy. Proxies can be downloaded for free and for charge of money.


Private Proxies are the Best Proxies for Follow Liker


It is better to use private proxies since they use quality proxy servers and the cost falls around $2 per month. Your information passes through safe channels keeping the hackers at long distance. Free proxies are not so good to use if you are so concerned about privacy and safety of your information.

Find the Best Proxies for Follow Liker



myprivateproxy Service
$23.70 – 10 Proxies
$44.20– 20 Proxies
$87.50 – 50 Proxies
58,000 dedicated & Fresh IP
Servers across 10 US states

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sslprivateproxy Service
$23.00 – 10 Proxies
$44.00 – 20 Proxies
$86.00 – 50 Proxies
45,000+ dedicated IP’s
Good for Social Media
Classified Ads proxies

Visit Site


instantproxies Service
$10.00 – 10 Proxies
$25.00 – 25 Proxies
$50.00 – 50 Proxies
Test proxies before Check
Cost-effective Service
5 days money guarantee

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squidproxies Service
$22.65 – 10 Proxies
$43.00– 20 Proxies
$86.00 – 50 Proxies
1,000Mbps connections
Craigslist proxies
24/7 Quality Support

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buyproxies service
$20.00 – 10 Proxies
$50.00 – 30 Proxies
$80.00 -50 Proxies
Cheap dedicated Proxies
No program restrictions
Support 7 days a week

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Now it is the time to add speed to your Follow Liker account with private proxies.



Compare the Best Proxy Service — MyPrivateProxy vs SSLPrivateProxy

The proxies is popular in nowdays for the proxies you can use it for  anonymous surfing,Post the ADs on Craigslist,Proxies for the SEO or Social Media marketing and Bypass firewall blocks.Such as unblock  Facebook, Twitter,Youtube like in school or in your office.

So, Now more and more proxy service come to the anonymous market, But the key point is you have to find a good proxies for your use.I test and compare lots of proxy service, i  recommend 2 top proxy service to you 1.SSLPrivateProxy 2. MyPrivateProxy. Both of those 2 service provide  dedicated IPs that is premium private proxies. Here is the proxy service detail.



Features Of  the SSLPrivateProxy Service:

  • 10 proxies:$23.00/monthSSLPrivateProxy Service
  • Non Sequential IPs
  • Classified Ads proxies
  • 3 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 100 ThreadsHigh Anonymous Private and Shared Proxies
  • PPTP VPN service
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Good for Social Media
  • High Anonymous Private and Shared Proxies

SSLPrivateProxy offer private proxies,shared proxies and VPN for anonimity,classified ads, social media & SEO tools. Private proxies is good for twitter marketing,youtube marketing,web scraping and Works on all classified ads site.Their proxies is good for social media,web scraping and Works on all classified ads site.You can do webmailing but not smtp mailing.  And they not allow spamming,we not recommend you use it for blackhat SEO tools.

▶ GO SSLPrivateProxy ◀


  1. Mr. Griffin says:

    I purchased 50 private proxies from and they’re realy fast! I use them on Craigslist and TicketMaster. Occasionally, I use them for SEO as well and they work great. I’m very satisfied with their private proxies.

  2. HISINFERNA  says:

    Great proxysI’m very glad that i have found this service. SSLPrivateProxy is maybe the best supplier of proxies i have ever tried. Currently i have 30 proxies with them and everything is going smooth and nice. Very good support (fast and helpful).

  3. Daniel says:

    Fantastic service. I have used several proxies, none have been given me such good speeds, they happily gave me a proxy from the US about 15 minutes after submitting a support ticket requesting a specific location proxy. I asked a question and finally cancelled my account (After not needing the proxy anymore due to work schedule), on both occasions they replied within roughly 15 minutes, polite and quick. Honestly the best customer service I have ever experienced, with any company.



Features Of  the MyPrivateProxy Service:

  • 10 proxies:$23.70/monthMyPrivateProxy Service
  • Now — 10% Bonus
  • 58,000 IP’s in 9 cities
  • Non Sequential IPsMultiple Cities
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Multiple Subnets(Order more than 5 Proxies)
  • Support Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS
  • 3 day money back guarantee
  • Works great with SEO tools eg.TweetAdder,Scrapebox, SenukeX, ,Bookmarkwiz, ZennoPoster, Sick submitter, Answer Assault.

MyPrivateProxy provide reliable and efficient HTTP(s) proxies.offers both private and shared proxies packages.You can use it for Facebook,Twitter,Live and any other social service. Supported SEO tools  like —Scrapebox, Sick submitter, Bookmarkwiz, ZennoPoster, TweetAdder, SenukeX.Also manage your social campaign with any Twitter and Facebook marketing tools.You can do webmailing but not smtp mailing.  The only other restrictions are NO Xrumer, torrents, Fraud, or Porn.

▶ GO MyPrivateProxy ◀


  1. Ashley says:

    I’m using these proxies with TweetAdder and they are blazing fast! I contacted support for a tutorial and they answered in less then 10 minutes providing the best solution for my needs.

  2. John says:

    Alright, it’s been a week since their sent me 10 dedicated proxies for free as a review copy and here’s what I have to say:
    I use the proxies for YouTube and, to tell you the truth, they are excellent!
    Unlike other services, these are really dedicated proxies as YouTube never requested me to verify the accounts with a phone.
    Not only the proxies are fresh but also they are fast and reliable!

  3. Alecsander says:

    I currently have a 100(110 due to the bonus) private proxies subscription with those guys for over 3 months by now. I had absolutely 0 downtime and i’m using their proxies with tweetadder and scrapebox. To be honest from my personal experience those are the fastest proxies from the market and i tried almost every provider.


Where to Buy a Private Dedicated IP Service for secure & anonymous surfing

Usual we used IP is Shared,This type of IP will sharing the same IP to others.All of the activities from all of the users seem to come from the same IPSo you may be banned because of something another user did. For example, if someone use gmail auto software for spam,the IP may be banned by google,so you can not use it for gmail service.That’s one of reason you should choose a Private Dedicated IP.

What does a Dedicated IP mean? Private Dedicated IP service will assign your a dedicated IP address. That’s dedicated IP only used by you.There is no need for Remote Port Forwarding as with a Shared IP service. Because you have one IP for you using, all the connections to all the ports will be open for that Dedicated IP, so you can run any service that you want in that IP (a web server, remote access to your computer etc).

Benefit of Private Dedicated IP Service


1.For getting more fast performance.There is no doubt that Dedicated IP Server will be more fast than shared IP server.Dedicated IP.There are lots of  top players use Dedicated IP VPN Servers for online game.

2.For more security.Dedicated IP will give your more security for your personal & business information,Financial records etc.Like Paypal,Liberty Reserve,if your IP location change too often, your Paypal,Liberty Reserve may be limited.Also if you use Dedicated IP VPN Service that all data will be encryption,so your sensitive information invisible from the prying eyes of hackers.

There are also some of other benefit using Private Dedicated IP Service.for you don’t worry IP banned by some other guys, And when you’re on a business trip or travel, you can anonymous surfing just as local..So how and ..

Where to Buy a Private Dedicated IP Service


Usual ISP(Internet Service Provider)’s IP addresses provide Shared IP services,if you directly buy Dedicated IP from ISP,the price is so expensive.So there are lots of VPS(Virtual Private Server) service provider can assign Dedicated IPs. So if you can configure VPS you can use it for your anonymous solution.

But if you can not config VPS, There are also other service provide Dedicated IP.There are mainly two type of Dedicated IP service. One is private proxy service, the other is VPN service.

Private proxy is a dedicated IP that a high anonymous proxy.High Anonymity proxy server does not identify itself as a proxy server and does not make available the original IP address.Proxy may be fast than VPN, but not safe than VPN for the data not encrypt.You can Get from. At $2.49/month

2.SSLPrivateProxy. At $2.22/month

Also,you can find more private proxy service on


dedicated IP VPN service means you will be assigned a dedicated IP address that’s generated by a remote server located in another country.Here we add 3 dedicated IP VPN server providers.

1. Pure VPN. At $9.95  / month

▶ More Detail about Pure VPN Server ◀

2. OverPlay VPN. At  $9.95 / month Dedicated support from the UK

▶ More Detail about OverPlay VPN Server 

3. Hide Ip VPN. At $7.90  / month

▶ More Detail about Hide Ip VPN Server ◀

GScraper with Proxies is very faster than your imagination

GScarper Proxies is an amazing tool for any SEO. It provides the premium proxy service which is built into the software itself. It will therefore save your time on scraping, filtering and testing proxies. The software pulls proxies directly from their servers. A proxy once used will never be used again. Its unique features will blow your mind and also they save a lot of time. GScarper is reasonably priced unlimited proxy service software. The speed at which it completes scrapes is just unbelievable. Our customers depend on us for speed, security and reliability. Following are some of its functions:

  • Automatically get proxies
  • Scrape based on type and time
  • great filters
  • can clean and sort scraped list
  • can easily come across the auto approve list

We will provide you with 24 hours dedicated support.  Responses will be really quick and to provide you with better services we are open to feedback and suggestions. We not just listen to your feedback and suggestions; we also implement changes based on your suggestions. We want you to get the best possible experience when you are utilizing our services so that you can promote your business activities.

GScraper proxies are fully Google passed. The provider permit to each proxy to be used only one time which to a great extent reduces bans and bad proxies. And hence you can completely rely on it.

Following are some of the features of Proxies for GScraper:

  • in few seconds you can obtain thousands of proxies
  • it has fabulous filters
  • nofollow check
  • simple to locate the auto follow check
  • influential List Management features
  • Can spread out lists for any domain
  • Keywords scraper
  • Very cheap
  • Can handle huge amounts of data
  • Regular updates
  • with no trouble produce large amounts of keywords in no time
  • very fast and therefore saves a lot of time

The following is the way to use this software:

  • Just start the software and place some proxies in Proxy setting.
  • Hit upon scrape option in it and place your keyword.
  • Subsequent to doing all settings start off scrape to stumble on relevant links for that keyword.
  • It will provide you with vast list of that URL that has those keywords.
  • Now put your sites, keywords and scraped comments in post.
  • Now start posting.

Its performance at mass PR checking is very impressive. No matter how many URL’s u throw at the software, it will continue to check PR with no hindrance. It is a must have tool for any SEO. At the same time extremely easy to use and you will have difficulty discovering any faults with this software. We are available 24×7 to answer back your queries that you may have regarding our services. All these wonderful services are just a click away. We are constantly looking for newer and improved manner in which we can serve you. If you don’t believe us, try for yourself to see the impressive results. Visit us to buy Proxies for GScraper.

Private Proxies: protect your privacy on Internet

Private proxies are one of the best ways to have access to safe internet surfing. In the present times, the internet due to its high popularity and widespread usage has also become a center of evil practices. If you are using the internet, your security is the first thing that should be the center of the priority.

Due to their ease of access and quality services, Private proxies have become the choice of every internet user now a days. They are easily available either free or for some very nominal prices. When it comes to security, Private Proxies take the lead by securing your IP address from the hackers and other malpractices.


What are Private Proxies?


In the simple computer language, a Proxy Server can be called as a server which acts as an intermediary for several requests that can be a threat to your IP address. Every computer has an IP address which is unique to the system. Whenever someone goes online, the IP address gets reflected. The Proxy Server acts as an intermediary between the receiver source and your IP thus blocking the access to the IP Address. In this way you are saved from several hackers and other necessary online traffic that can slow down your speed too.


Why are Private Proxies being used?


The advantages are numerous which have today made the Private Proxies widely popular globally. When you go online, your information is always threatened from the activities of unwanted users. While on a public connection, the people accessing the same network would have access to your browsing data along with all the vital information which is present online. Hence it puts you in a very vulnerable situation. Private Proxies helps by checking on the secured access by its various features and applications.


Restriction of Unauthorized Usage of Personal data


By using the Private proxies, you are securing your access to a safe and secured network. It prevents the access of the personal and private information from the unwanted users who can use it for their benefits. It also helps to keep check on the hackers and all other kinds of the cyber criminals.


Speed up the Internet

By using Private proxies, you are also speeding up your internet connection. Since it allows a single user or a group of users to access the internet, you can set the internet connection to its maximum level. Moreover the search engines and other internet users can also be prevented from accessing your private information of the web history.


Minimize Unwanted Internet Traffic


Since it restricts the different search engines and other websites to gather information about your surfing practices and other web details, you are completely saved from the unwanted internet traffic from your IP address.

For your internet security, Private Proxies are definitely a big help. The good news is that you can now access great deals on Private Proxies which has made the whole package a more beneficial one.