New Top Private Proxy Service – – Proxy-N-VPN and InstantProxies

As we all want to use fresh proxies for SEO or IM(internet marketing),but some of proxy service is really old enough that they Often provide old private proxy,so we recommend you try to use some of new proxy service for new always can get fresh proxies.

The top 2 new private proxy service is,Proxy-N-VPN and InstantProxies. Both provide highly cost effective is the proxy service detail.


Features Of  Their Private Proxies:

proxy-n-vpn•10 proxies:$22.65/month

•Non Sequential IP’s

•Totally Private IP’s

•Proxies for Ticketmaster Classified Ads

•Multiple Subnets

•Unlimited Bandwidth

•High Anonymous Proxies

•99% Up-time Guarantee

•Setup Time (5 Mins to 2 Hours max)

•24/7 Support , Fast Response
Proxy-N-Vpn provides High Speed Dedicated Craigslist Proxies, Instagram Proxies, Ticketmaster Proxies and Gaming proxies.High Speed Highly Anonymous Private Proxies Specially Optimised for SEO Tools Like Tweet Demon, Tweet Adder, Scrapebox,Xrumer..Now Proxy-N-VPN offer 10% discount to their service.





  1. George H. says:

    The proxies speed and response time are awesome, doubtfully you can find better quality private proxies. Scraping search engines, Facebook and Twitter posting/analyzing and general “hide my IP” functionality is top notch. Great service and they seem to know the importance of not keeping their customers waiting.

  2. Carlos Suarez says:

    I’m using these proxies with Scrapebox and they are very very very fast! I contacted support and they answered in less then 10 minutes providing the best solution for my needs.

  3. David says:

    The private proxies work super well. Had some problems with multiple proxy services and it all stopped when I switched to these guys.

    I find a lot of services end up giving out proxies that have been more than abused and are banned in multiple service. With THIS SERVICE, you get quality, as promised.


Features Of  Their Private Proxies:


instantproxies•10 proxies:$10/month

•Non-Sequential IPs

•Test Before You Buy

•Unlimited Bandwidth

•Support test/ping by proxies

•Elite Anonymity

•Subnet Variety

•Worldwide Locations

•99%+ Network Uptime

•24/7 Support , Fast Response,Guaranteed Quality
Instantproxies service provide quality and private HTTP/HTTPs proxies. You can test/ping to General Browsing(theirsite),Amazon,Craigslist,Facebook,Google,Pinterest,Ticketmaster,Twitter,Yahoo,Youtube by proxies.Their proxies works through ip authentication.Username/password option is not available.You can use proxies for webmailing, But SMTP is blocked with our proxies. Proxy maximum connection is 10.





  1. Charlie says:

    I use instant proxies for GSA ser and scrapebox,it’s working 24/7 on my dedicated server.And on GSA i can get LPM up to 150.So,I am satisfied to get this proxy service with that’s price.

  2. Marketing expert says:

    I like InstantProxies for their cost-effective and easy to use.



How to Use a Free Proxy Site to Play Games at Work

There are lots of people who love playing online games, but can’t due to the fact that this content is blocked by filters, either at their offices or at their schools. This is a growing trend in the tech world, as more and more employers and school boards block web content. Obviously, it makes sense that an office or a school would want their users to be focused on the tasks at hand, but at the end of the day, it only upsets workers and students. Partly, this is because being able to spend a little bit of time playing games can actually make people more productive in the long run.

However, there are free proxy websites out there that you can use to bypass either your school’s or your employer’s filter. These sites work by basically acting as a middleman between your computer and the internet – the proxy visits the sites that you want to look at, without your network administrator ever being able to tell which ones they are. There are several ways to get around an administrator’s filter, but the easiest and best way is by using one of these free proxy sites.

There are other ways to get around a content filter, such as using a different browser, but these are not guaranteed to work properly. For example, a good administrator can tell if users are using a different browser, or if they have configured their computers to get around a content filter. If you are looking to visit any website you want at work, the only guaranteed way to get around a content filter is to use a proxy server.

Tons of students and workers across the globe are now using free proxy sites, and it’s easy to see why. If you feel that you want to learn more, then the solution to your web surfing needs can be accessed by simply searching for free proxy sites on web search engines such as Google. If you are looking for web surfing freedom, look no further than a free proxy site.

GeoSurf Reviews

Geosurf service is a VPN/Proxy server service provider. You can get more than 100 locations on their server.Use their service you can“surf locally without being local”, which is exactly what they do.Geosurf not just provide basic anonymity services,But also there have some feature that other service not have.




There are many CPA/affiliate network advertisement have GEO Targeting  function, So you must use special IP that match GEO Targeting. That also helpful,especially for Media buyer. Geosurf  can help you check the advertisers Landing Page  easily. Information about campaigns, advertisers, mediators can be extracted.That can help you analyzing products and promotion Campaigns promoted In other countries.

advertisers smarter



GeoSurf  Toolbar has a very intuitive and simple interface,Which  compatible with Firefox,Chrome, IE  on PC, MACor Linux, also compatibility to mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones / tablets.Integration of browser with the toolbar makes it easier to work. Learn GeoSurf’s demo video lean how to see the local content in the location of your choice.





Geosurf offer a 5-DAY TRIAL that No setup or cancellation fees. After TRIAL their have 4 plan for you choose.You can choose plans depending on how many private proxy locations you want to use.

 Starter $29/month 100MB Basic $59/month 300MB Advanced $89/month 500MB
Also if you some special needs like, GeoSurf Direct Connect API,GeoSurf for Smartphones,GeoSurf VPN can contact them directly.

Geosurf is very useful for internet marketers.If you are the serious  Media buyer, geosurf must be a essential tool for your business.




Now Happy Holidays – Enjoy FREE SmartDNS & Upto 90% Off with PureVPN!

PureVPN provides unrestricted browsing experience with protection against all online threats.The service offers rich features including the option of a dedicated IP address. With pptp, l2tp/ipsec, sstp, openvpn and IKEv2 connections for maximum security.The top quality support is there to help technophobes with any problems, and enthusiasts will find plenty they can tweak themselves. Highly recommended.

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2. PureVPN Sets its Foot in 85+ Locations, Including Middle East


PureVPN has added 40+ new countries, including Middle East. The addition of 40+ new countries brings the total number of locations in the PureVPN network to 85+ with over 475 servers and 70,000+ IPs. Keep us updated about the countries that are highly voted at your platform! Suggest Countries >>


3. New P2P Servers That Unblock All Torrent Websites


To cater to the needs of our Torrent-loving customers, we have added 13 new servers to unblock all Torrent websites and support super-fast Torrent downloads. The new Torrent servers are set up in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Luxembourg, Turkey, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Dubai, Moldova and Brunei….


purevpn holiday discounts


On the eve of Christmas and New Year, PureVPN will be offering Holiday Treats to our customers starting from December 15, 2014 until January 15, 2015. Check out our Holiday Season discounts below:

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The Downside to Public Proxy Servers

There are several problems with free and public proxy servers. While they generally aren’t too hard to find (if you know where you are looking), they come with a set of disadvantages that can not only waste your time, but compromise your identity and security.

One of the main problems with public proxies is that they just aren’t reliable. Among the reasons for this is the fact that many people can be using them at the same time, overloading their bandwidth and leaving you with a frustratingly slow internet experience. Even if a given proxy doesn’t have too many users, chances are that there are a few people who are abusing the proxy’s capabilities and thus slowing it down for everyone.


Another key disadvantage of public proxy servers – and likely the most concerning – is that they do not provide true anonymity for users. While indeed there are plenty of proxies out there that can fully protect your identify (some paid, some not), in general public proxies cannot offer this service. This is because so many so-called public proxies are run by hackers and spammers; people who are lurking behind the proxy waiting to steal your information and pollute your system with junk. Many public proxies are also transparent, meaning that instead of hiding your IP, they merely pass it on to the website you are visiting.

Free – meaning that they can be plagued with problems. In fact, free and open proxy servers are notorious for being playgrounds for hackers and spammers.

Of course, due to the amount of people using free servers, the chances that you are going to get hacked are not huge. On the other hand, these servers are not very reliable because of the amount of users. Too many users at one time means that the server will be bogged down and thus slow, ruining your web surfing experience.

As well, open proxy servers really don’t provide much protection. While they may in fact hide your IP address and provide some level of security, they are not nearly as dependable as paid proxies or other types of internet protection.

If security and privacy are your chief concerns, don’t despair. There are lots of different proxies out there, and many of them offer varying degrees of anonymity.

Suсh frее рrоxу ѕіtеѕ hаvе а сlоѕе еуе оn уоu аnd оbѕеrvе уоur соmрlеtе асtіvіtу. It іѕ аlѕо роѕѕіblе thаt ѕuсh frее рrоxу wеbѕіtе іѕ mаnаgеd оr оwnеd bу а grоuр оf hасkеrѕ whо оffеrѕ уоu frее рrоxу lіnk аnd іn rеturn hасk уоur соmрlеtе ѕуѕtеm аnd еvеrу оthеr реrѕоnаl іnfоrmаtіоn.

Social Media Marketing with Trusted Proxies

Social Media Marketers face two particular challenges:

  1. Gathering of intelligence from SM sites using automated software that could get your IP address banned and hence stop working
  2. Posting content on behalf of clients in different regions, eg you have a remote worker offshore, and they need to post to a US based SM site, but are blocked as the site tells them they’re in the wrong country.  The same could also happen for different regions within the USA.


Social Media Intelligence Gathering

The trick to prevent your IP address from being banned is to legally send your intelligence gathering queries from lots of different IP addresses.

The Trusted Proxies Proxy Server Cloud provides you a solution.  It lets your automated software to rapidly and anonymously send your queries from hundreds and thousands of different computers.

The Social Media sites  then just see legitimate queries coming in from lots of different computers so it looks just like regular traffic, so there are no bans, and your software can carry on working.

Get started now by clicking the Free Trial button opposite.


Posting in Different Countries & Regions

Getting a Proxy Server in the country or region you need to post in will allow your remote workers to do their jobs and keep the Social Media sites happy too.

It works by changing the originating IP address of your web traffic to the IP address of the Proxy Server.  When your target website looks up the geographic location of the IP address from a commercial “Geo-IP Database” it sees that the IP address – and hence your traffic – is coming from the correct country/region, and so allows the traffic through without giving you an error message.

International Geo-Proxy Servers and US Metro Area Proxy Servers from Trusted Proxies provides you with a solution.

With the International Geo-Proxy Servers you can surf the web as if you are in another country, and you can choose from scores of countries.


It works the same way for US Metro Areas.  You choose the US Metro Area you want from thedozens of US Metro Areas available, and your IP address is replaced with one from that US Metro Area.

However, please note, “Geo-IP Targeting” and Geo-IP databases are not 100% accurate.  At the country level they are 95% accurate.  At the regional level, accuracy varies from 50% to 80%.

Consequently we cannot guarantee city center precision, and instead refer to the “US Metro Area” which could be up to 50 miles (80 kms) of city centers, although it usually within 20 miles or less. This is usually adequate for most applications.


Get Trusted Proxies | Free Trial Now

Private Proxy and VPN – Their Advantages to SEO

Proxy and VPN server are now being used as an application by clients in looking for other resources from other type of servers. Both of these helps and allows the user to have an easy access to other web in the whole world. There are different types of proxy server and some of these are the private proxies and VPN server for SEO tools.

VPN server and private proxies < Difference Between Proxy & VPN > for SEO tools are very essential in any computer network particularly in IP address. They can do a lot for your SEO campaigns.




It is known to all computer users that every time that anyone is opening up the internet the computer is automatically vulnerable to computer hackers. Hacking your computer becomes so easy for hackers because you send important information to every web address that you visit through the IP address and this instantly connects you to other webs worldwide. This allows the hackers to have an access on your computer even without your consent. This is also the way where these computer scammers get your personal and other important information such as the bank details, and other pertinent facts that you don’t want to be exposed to other people. The same happens when it comes to using the SEO tools.


Private Proxies and VPN for SEO tools protects the client from being hacked by other scammers and this usually works faster as well as efficiently compared to other type of proxies. This also enable the users to access the most difficult websites from other places in the entire world. Although Private Proxies for SEO tools are more costly compared to public proxy, these are more credible and safer to use because it provides more restriction in giving out information about your IP address. Moreover there is a password provided so that no one can easily have an access to your computer system and hinders anyone to have an access to your vital information that are stored in it.


Most private proxies for SEO tools can be acquired through monthly subscription where costs range from 15 to 25 dollars per month which might be expensive. However this application provides more security for your computer system. Furthermore, it provides better speed and competent service in terms of SEO tools. You can easily find credible and trustworthy provider of this computer application in the internet. VPN and proxies can be very helpful to you in so many ways.

Using the private proxies for unblock Facebook

The Facebook proxies are needed in order to conceal the IP address either for the Internet connection or the website that is being connected to. You might wonder you need to perform this and how the private proxies for Facebook function.

In case you have limited Internet access, you might be blocked from accessing certain IP addresses, especially with the social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Majority of schools and business offices blocked out accessibility to these social media sites. Facebook is blocked by preventing computers from gaining access to the Internet IP address of the website. A block is basically a blanket added to the total network gaining access to specific addresses, while the filters can enable access to individual terminals for users that have authorized access. Since majority of websites, such as Facebook is blocked, the Facebook proxies might be needed. By using the private proxies for Facebook, it allows users to gain access to blocked sites.

These Facebook proxies typically work in a simple manner. Once a particular computer connects to a website, the IP addresses of both are known to each other. With the private proxies for Facebook, it is where a computer connects to gain a connection with a blocked website; as a result, access is gained since only the IP address of the proxy is seen. Of course, there are no blocks or filters generated.

In case you are having a hard time connecting to Facebook, you can gain access by using the private proxies for Facebook. Always remember that these proxy sites do not last for a long time since they can be traced and eventually end up blocked, thus you need to find another one. Nevertheless, some can last though, and there are new Facebook proxies available online. Due to the wide selection of private proxies for Facebook available, it is best to look for one that offers a variety of options.

When gaining access to Facebook is difficult, using one of the Facebook proxies will surely help. Most of these proxies appear as an address bar where you have to enter the address of the site you want to visit. In case you want to access Facebook, simply enter the Facebook address and you will be directed to the site. With the help of the private proxies for Facebook, you will no longer end up in a standstill due to blocked access anymore.