Where to Buy a Private Dedicated IP Service for secure & anonymous surfing

Usual we used IP is Shared,This type of IP will sharing the same IP to others.All of the activities from all of the users seem to come from the same IPSo you may be banned because of something another user did. For example, if someone use gmail auto software for spam,the IP may be banned by google,so you can not use it for gmail service.That’s one of reason you should choose a Private Dedicated IP.

What does a Dedicated IP mean? Private Dedicated IP service will assign your a dedicated IP address. That’s dedicated IP only used by you.There is no need for Remote Port Forwarding as with a Shared IP service. Because you have one IP for you using, all the connections to all the ports will be open for that Dedicated IP, so you can run any service that you want in that IP (a web server, remote access to your computer etc).

Benefit of Private Dedicated IP Service


1.For getting more fast performance.There is no doubt that Dedicated IP Server will be more fast than shared IP server.Dedicated IP.There are lots of  top players use Dedicated IP VPN Servers for online game.

2.For more security.Dedicated IP will give your more security for your personal & business information,Financial records etc.Like Paypal,Liberty Reserve,if your IP location change too often, your Paypal,Liberty Reserve may be limited.Also if you use Dedicated IP VPN Service that all data will be encryption,so your sensitive information invisible from the prying eyes of hackers.

There are also some of other benefit using Private Dedicated IP Service.for you don’t worry IP banned by some other guys, And when you’re on a business trip or travel, you can anonymous surfing just as local..So how and ..

Where to Buy a Private Dedicated IP Service


Usual ISP(Internet Service Provider)’s IP addresses provide Shared IP services,if you directly buy Dedicated IP from ISP,the price is so expensive.So there are lots of VPS(Virtual Private Server) service provider can assign Dedicated IPs. So if you can configure VPS you can use it for your anonymous solution.

But if you can not config VPS, There are also other service provide Dedicated IP.There are mainly two type of Dedicated IP service. One is private proxy service, the other is VPN service.

Private proxy is a dedicated IP that a high anonymous proxy.High Anonymity proxy server does not identify itself as a proxy server and does not make available the original IP address.Proxy may be fast than VPN, but not safe than VPN for the data not encrypt.You can Get from.

1.MyPrivateProxy.com. At $2.49/month

2.SSLPrivateProxy. At $2.22/month

Also,you can find more private proxy service on http://www.privateproxyreviews.com.


dedicated IP VPN service means you will be assigned a dedicated IP address that’s generated by a remote server located in another country.Here we add 3 dedicated IP VPN server providers.

1. Pure VPN. At $9.95  / month

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2. OverPlay VPN. At  $9.95 / month Dedicated support from the UK

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3. Hide Ip VPN. At $7.90  / month

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