Proxy multiply – Get unlimited public proxies at an instance

Proxy multiply is not just any proxy tester or scraper, but it is a lot more than both of them. It searches for hundreds of proxies in an assortment of search engines. However, many websites would be arranged first to harvest the proxies.

Find the proxies automatically with proxy multiply. For that, it has to be set to automatically find, once that is done, and then first the public proxies will be found and then tested. Once it is set to automatic find, then you should just leave it like that as the proxies will be received continuously. This could certainly be a purchase that you were waiting for. You’ll get software support throughout the lifetime of the product, and you won’t be charged with any cost for the support and updates.

The process starts by the new proxies being pulled out from the websites that have the proxy lists posted on it. These websites are updated regularly. However, you must be thinking that there already must be software, in large numbers, that can locate websites in which public proxies are listed. Of course there are websites, but Proxy Multiply is a step ahead to them. After the proxies are scraped from the websites with the help of Proxy Multiply, your program would have had almost 10,000 proxies by now.

Once the proxies are there, then the ‘search mode’ will be turned on. These public proxies will then be used by Proxy Multiply so the new proxies can be searched in Google. A better illustration of the above process can be found on grab a proxy and Alive Proxy. So do not wait for more and see the web for proxies.

What is there for you?

Go through as many pages as you can to see if there’s a website that lists the newest of the proxies. There are high times that if a search is being made using an elite proxy of anonymous nature or just anonymous proxy as the search item.

Why is it unique?

Till date, there is not any program that incorporates such a technology, which is quite recursive, to scrape a limitless proxy from the websites that posts them in a list. Not just infinite, but a list that increases exponentially. All you needs can be accommodated no matter how many proxies you require, and only Proxy Multiply can do that. This is perfectly makes it unique that a proxy tester or a proxy scraper.

There are other products that give a tough competition to it, but you’d still think that why Proxy Multiply should be used over its competitors. It is its complexities that would make you to think before using it. Just look after its history before you chose it, so you’re sure of where you are heading towards. In any case, looking at the past is just going to make it easier. Figure out what consumers have felt about it. If that is analyzed, then last thing you are left with is the price.