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Proxy bonanza service provides a high anonymous Socks5 protocol and http protocol proxy. That’s why it more expensive than other HTTP proxy. You can use SocksCap configuration you socks5 proxy.

Pricing Plans

Proxy Bonanza offers both shared and dedicated proxy service accounts, with each type also offering several gradations in order to meet the needs and budget of subscribers.


Dedicated Price bandwidth
 1 Proxies $9.99 20 Gb
3 Proxies   $23.99 50 Gb
5 Proxies  $36.99 70 Gb

Here is  Sample packages(EXCLUSIVE PROXY) that Proxy bonanza service provided.There are also shared proxy.



Shared Price bandwidth
10 Proxies $7.49 6 Gb
70 Proxies   $21.99 15 Gb
130 Proxies  $39.99 30 Gb

That means that more than one customer may be using the same proxy IP addresses at the same time; That’s proxy not public proxy. So It’s a wise choice that you can get 10 IPs  at : $7.49 per month.Proxy bonanza also have International proxies for you.

Their dedicated proxy services is made up of three different packages that range from $9.99 monthly to $36.99 per month. Available bandwidth and the number of usable IP Addresses vary depending on the package, as well as the availability of extra features such as international proxy services. The company’s shared proxy servers are still of decent quality, since it is only shared amongst other Proxy Bonanza customers, instead of the rest of the world.



  • Proxies Protocol:Socks5/HTTP
  • Firefox proxy add-on
  • Different C classes IP, International proxies
  • Proxy Update Frequency:Every Couple of Months
  • Supported: YouTube, Facebook, Cragslist.(If not work they will issue a full refund)
  • Not Supported:  Xrumer,  Scrapebox

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Usage Policy

Proxy Bonanza doesn’t offer specific information regarding their usage policies, so the TOA should be checked thoroughly before signing up. It is expected that some popular services, such as Facebook and Youtube, may encounter some problems from time to time as the company has already made it known that their services were abused in the past (so it wouldn’t be surprising that some of their servers are already in trouble with Facebook and Youtube.)

According to their TOA, you are not allowed to use ProxyBonanza’s services for illegal activity, including but not limited to transfer or receipt of illegal material, sending of bulk spam, or any other kind of undesired large scale abuse).

Proxy Bonanza also reserves the right to terminate a user’s account without any notice or refund, if the company catches a user doing something that violates their terms of agreement – the determination of what is illegal or not will be the sole discretion of Proxy Bonanza.

Their terms of service is a little bit lengthy and has a lot of provisions that lean in favor of the company, so you may want to read it carefully before signing up.

Coupons and Discounts

ProxyBonanza already offers a sliding scale of custom plans and packages, so that they will be able to meet the budgetary constraints and demands of different people, so they deem it not necessary to provide discounts or trial periods.

Mode of Payment

ProxyBonanza only supports payments from verified Paypal accounts.


ProxyBonanza’s flexible packages make them enticing at first, but the uber strict TOA, coupled with the fact that they don’t offer unlimited bandwidth prevents us from recommending their service, especially since there are a lot of better alternatives.(Reviews by

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