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IP Freely Proxies prices its offerings based on the number of US proxies you purchase and on the limits for web mailing. The minimum number of servers you can purchase from IPFreely Proxies is 10 at $23 per month. You can go as high as 400 proxy servers for $625 per month. The company does caution its users to take a look at what the company allows and what they don’t allow before they purchase the server: refunds are not given if one is disappointed that a service they wanted to use was not available on the servers. All of their prices are given in Australian dollars.

IP Freely Proxies provides US Private Proxies that all are Anonymous Elite Proxies and there are almost no restrictions on their use,for just about any legal use including legitimate webmailing.


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SamplePackage Price WebMailing Limits
10 Proxies $23 100
20 Proxies $42 200
50 Proxies $100 500
100 Proxies $180 1,000

Here is Sample packages that IPFreelyProxies service provided. It’s exclusive U.S. Proxies.It provide private proxies just about any legal use. IPFreelyProxies works great on Scrapebox for IMer, support Multiple IP Subnets;Fresh IPs Monthly; not support the use of our proxies for anyservice that requires geolocation like Craigslist.not support Xrumers too.

IPFreelyProxies.com operate on GMT+10 which is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) .So you must check you time when you need support.If you check out IPFreelyProxies and have some feedback, be sure to come back and share!.Cheers!


IPFreely Proxies Technical Details

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IPFreely Proxies offers high-speed connections, nonsequential IP addresses and, if you wish, you can get fresh IP is assigned to your account on a monthly basis. You can also subscribe to multiple IP subnets, if you wish. The service puts no ads in your way and there are no delays in getting on one of their servers. The service guarantees that it is compatible with all browsers.

IPFreely Proxies Customer Support

IPFreely Proxies offers the ticket support that will be familiar to users of most proxy services. Services are supported via e-mail and each complaint is given a unique ticket number that may be tracked online.

IPFreely Proxies Conclusion

IPFreely Proxies have some excellent features and the flexibility of adding more webmail service to the package is a nice touch. One thing to be aware of with the services that they have a very restrictive refund policy and, if you don’t read the terms of service thoroughly, you may find yourself wanting your money back and not able to get it. Overall, however, IPFreely Proxies offers a service that is comparable to the competition and that has some nice features of its own.


  • Proxies Protocol:HTTP/HTTPS/FTP
  • Proxies Update Frequency:Fresh IPs Monthly
  • Multiple IPSubnets
  • Supported: Scrapebox, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook,web2.0, WebMailing(Limits)
  • Not Supported: Craigslist ,Xrummer

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