How to Unblock Hulu, Netflix, Vevo, Spotify and Google Voice Using Proxies

Unblock Hulu, Netflix

When you’re at school or in your office and you happen to surf the web, you will find some sites that are blocked by your network. The common sites that are mostly blocked are social media sites and other entertainment sites. Now, there are some private proxies that are offering services wherein you can use a proxy to unblock these sites. How to unblock Hulu, Netflix, Vevo, Spotify and Google Voice using the proxies is the next thing that you should know if you want to have an access to these sites. The proxies can help you unblock the sites without causing your privacy to be revealed.



Using a special proxy, you can now unblock the websites that you want to access when you’re in the office or school. But there are some things that you need to consider in unblocking these sites. You must know the right tips and warnings so that you can unblock the sites without anyone knowing who you are and where you from. Remember that your employer or the school administration may know that you unblocked the blocked sites in their network so you need to be very careful and you need the best proxy to help you do your task with ease.

How it is done:

  • You need to determine first which sites you are going to unblock.
  • You need to choose the website that has an “Unblock” tool that can help you.
  • Enter the right URL on the suitable section on the site. Most of the time, there is a button that says here that you should click the “Unblock Me”.
  • If at first attempt you don’t succeed, you can try another site to unblock and maybe the next time, you will succeed.
  • The most important thing is that you must not forget to clear the history of the websites that you unblocked.

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By following these tips, you can surely unblock the sites that you want to use. You also need to use the proxies to help you keep your information private in case you are caught. Remember that this kind of action is not supported by government authorities and private sectors so you need to be very careful in doing the unblocking. You need to make sure that you have the right proxies to help you unblock the websites that you want without being caught and keeping all information about you in secret.