Use a Proxy to protect businesses privacy

When you browse the internet, you might not be aware of the trail you’re leaving behind. If someone wanted to find out where you’ve been and how long you’ve been there for instance, it really wouldn’t be that hard. Even your own personal or work computer can become a spy watching and recording your every internet move. By using a proxy though, you can be sure your browsing sessions are private and secure.

Looking for a Gift for a Family Member

Unless you’re single or rich, you probably share your home computer with your family or roommates. In this case, if they chose to, they could easily look through your computer’s browsing history to see what you’ve been up to. While this might be good for parents wanting to keep tabs on their kids, it isn’t very helpful when you need to find a gift or plan a party for someone in the house. Surprises are hard enough to keep as it is! By using a proxy though, your browsing secret is safe and nobody in your home will be any wiser.

Accessing Sites that Get You Put on the “List”

Since the Homeland Security Act, we’ve all heard rumors of infamous government “lists” that any American can be added to if they happen upon a site with a reputation for informing terrorists or other criminals. Some say simply searching keywords that are related to these crimes can get you and your family on that list. But if your son needs to do research on Al Qaeda for a high school speech, or if your spouse is suddenly curious about the chemical make-up of meth after watching Breaking Bad, or if you yourself have always wondered how buildings are so expertly demolished with explosives, you might not want to risk ending up on some list. If this is the case, a proxy can, in some cases, prevent authorities from tracking your curiosity and grouping you with a bunch of criminals!

Surfing the Internet at Work

When we’re at work, most of us know we’re being watched. Whether it’s through that little “security” camera in the corner or through the network proxy that logs all of your internet connections, you know your business is not your own. By using a proxy server, you can surf the internet with absolute freedom. Your proxy can filter the information that is communicated to your company’s network. Instead of showing the list of sites you visited, their network log will just read multiple connections to your proxy server, which appears benign. Just don’t get too carried away, after all, people might walk by and see your computer screen, so you’d be smart to keep your browsing above the belt!

Whatever your reason for covering your tracks on the internet, a proxy is an easy way to keep your browsing history secret and your paranoia at a minimum. Of course, a proxy can’t save you from the many other ways people could be watching you, so make sure to keep your internet habits and real-life activities on the legal side.